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Central Elementary Highlights!

That’s all folks!  Thanks everyone, the young learners (Liam too), Tamera at Central, and all the parents who made this workshop a success!  We had 7 students for the month of August, once a week for 5 weeks!

Below check out the highlights of what went on and if your young learners would like to participate!

(ps:  you can download your work here to keep animating at home)

Thanks again!  More classes to come!

Your Creative Mentor at Siggraph 2011!

Thanks right folks!  This summer’s been great!  Besides teaching Blender (open source 3D animation software) to kids in Chilliwack (July – Promontory, August – Central Elementary), we were able to visit Siggraph ("Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics").  Siggraph is essentially the worlds biggest traveling expo for computer graphics – games and film and it hit Vancouver this year! Next year it’s in Singapore! 

Your Creative Mentor.  3D animation training for kids - siggraph 2011

Besides hanging with Pixar and all these 3D printers, training institutes etc – we got to hang with the creators of Blender!

Your Creative Mentor Blender Training

I told Ton Roosendaal (head of Blender Foundation, history here) that the kids love Blender 3D.  We talked about the interface, what you little guys are up to and how Blender, being open-source, community driven, is impacting the lives of kids in Chilliwack!  It was a heartwarming experience as well as exciting as the conference focused on the bright future of Blender and how it improves every open-source movie project.  Amazing! Every single person was growing Blender one way or another and it’s uses expands!

More information-

Central Elementary – August Workshop.

Another Your Creative Mentor update – – Chilliwack’s community based, digital arts, creative revolution with Matthew Vogt!

Today Thursday July 21st, I visited Central Elementary and it looks like we have 12 spots open for creative learning with 3D animation (using Blender 3D software).  It will be close quarters but nothing we can’t handle to lay a foundation, light years ahead of one’s formal education!  Remember, the software we’re using is open-source (free to download at home) and is very similar to industry standard tool-sets.  For example, Big Buck Bunny, was created entirely using Blender. 

This week, we’re deep into the workshop at Promontory elementary.  17 kidlets (ages 7-18), all creative, all the time.  It’s going really well – we were not sure of such big #’s, but everyone seems very eager, well behaved, and excited to learn something that’s recognizable in a variety of mediums: film, video games and VFX!  And to think, I didn’t find my introduction until grade 10…..  great for them! 

(Attack of the Giant Monkey – Sebastian, 2011)

So Central Elementary in August is a go!  We already have a seat taken, as our first down-payment was received yesterday (thanks Marilyn).  Also, we found out the ‘Paypal / Credit Card’ wasn’t working (thanks Rhonda) – well it sure is now!

Central Elementary – 10:00-11:30, August 3rd-31st Every Wednesday.  $75.00

So reserve your young learner’s seat(s) today!  (if you would prefer to pay in cash or cheque I can meet you at the school – please reply to this email or call @ 604-799-1213)

(Battle in the Sky – Linden, 2010)

And what if your summer plans don’t fit?  We’re finalizing the details with Greendale Elementary for a weekly workshop, Wednesdays,  starting mid September.  Promontory Elementary? Mid October as well!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

Matthew Vogt
– don’t hate, just animate –


29 Ways to Stay Creative

1. Make Lists
2. Carry a notebook everywhere
3. Try free writing (look this up, ‘The Artist’s Way’, very good for problem solving and clarifications)
4. Get away from the computer
5. Quit beating yourself up
6. Take breaks
7. Sing in the shower
8. Drink coffee or tea (11yr+…. I started at 11)
9. Listen to music  (
10. Be Open
11. Surround yourself with creative people (and mentors)
12. Get feedback
13. Collaborate
14. Don’t give up
15. Practice, practice, practice
16. Allow yourself to make mistakes
17. Go somewhere new
18. Count your blessings
19. Get lots of rest
20. Take risks
21. Break the rules
22. Don’t force it
23. Read a page of the dictionary
24. Create a framework
25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect
26. Got an idea? Write it down
27. Clean your workspace
28. Have fun
29. Finish something.

Annoucing August Workshop:

Your Creative Mentor – News and Updates: Chilliwack 3D Lessons.  EMAILED.

Who, What and Where?

Who’s this???  You may be wondering why you’re getting a newsletter from ‘Your Creative Mentor’.  Well if you know Matthew Vogt, you’re in the know!  This is a new project were I will be teaching young learners, ages 8-18, the fundamentals of 3D Animation, in Chilliwack (initially).   I may have taught your kidlets already, or I’ve done work for you, or you’re just a friendly acquaintance.  I really need to get the word out, especially in Chilliwack.  If you know any parents with kids 8-18 (my target market), please let them know about Your Creative Mentor ! 

What’s it about?  I’ve been teaching 3D graphics in high-school and now at a college level. Time for a slogan.

Digital Arts. Any Level, All Ages – We’re All Creative!

(by Austin, Summer 2010)

There will be more and more community, youth oriented digital art coursework in the Fraser Valley.  The first YCM workshop:

    3D Animation Summer Workshop (August Only)

    5 sessions:       

  • Introduction, UI (user interface) = primitive objects
  • Modeling, (making things in 3D) = spaceships, characters
  • Materials, Lights, Shadows (rendering)
  • Animation I = project work
  • Animation II = project work cont’

(by Linden, 2010)

    OK, Specific Details:

    When: August 3rd – 31st (every Wednesday) at 10 am sharp!
    Where: Central Elementary, Chilliwack
    How Long? Workshops are 1.5 hours
    Price:  $75.00, five workshops, 1.5 hours each!

    I will be requiring payment prior to kick-off.  You can now do so here:

    Until Then?

    In the meantime, I’d encourage you and your young 3D learners to check out and get Blender running !  Why wait! 

    Additionally, we will be launching more coursework at the new Greendale Community school 2nd week of September.

    Thanks everyone! Please spread the word, forward this to your Chilliwack parenting friends x3 !!

    You may also email with any questions or prior help with Blender 3D at:

    Stay Animated,
    Matthew Vogt
    Digital Arts. Any Level, All Ages – We’re All Creative!

Summer Points of Clarification!

Tentative Schedules

YCM's still planning dates, so make sure you sign up to let me know you and your learners are interested!  Get your name in today!

At the moment! What I'm hoping to launch is two 5 week sessions at $75, one in July, one in August at 1.5 hours, one day a week. Not sure the day of the week yet for each (maybe more than one depending on class sizes).

Sound good?  Let me know! I’m more than excited about this as well!

Summer Animation Course

As far as the workshops are concerned, we've found 5 sessions at a time builds a nice rounded foundation.  That said, once the little learners start, they can't stop!  We'll be using Blender 3D ( which is an open source downloadable 3D toolset that has everything we could possibly use to get a well rounded introduction to 3D animation, be it for film or video game production! 

5 sessions:

  1. Introduction, UI (user interface) = snowman assignment
  2. Modeling, (making things in 3D) = spaceships, characters, etc
  3. Materials, Lights, Shadows (rendering)
  4. Animation I = project work
  5. Animation II = project work cont'

In the meantime, I'd encourage you and the young learners to check out and get Blender running !  Why wait???

Welcoming all Creative Learners!

This project, a movement of creative sorts, is in its infancy and will continue to grow through the support of Chilliwack’s Community Schools and  their Digital Natives.  Your Creative Mentor was birthed to help you connect to the flow of creation.  Harnessing the power of digital tools, while connecting to creative energy, the synergy Your Creative Mentor sustains within you helps to bring peace, expression and story to your life!

Currently Fresh:

  • Um… the brand
  • Subscription Services!  (email me or use right side buttons!)
  • Posters / Marketing
  • Student Work Updates
  • Continual Event Updates, Locations etc
  • Mentorship Service.

Expect great things near you (quite literally – in the events section).  Thank you for all your support and patience (and excitement) in this prized project!