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YCM’s Greendale 2012 Team Project

Our learners over at Greendale Elementary had another workshop with YCM.  This time, since the group had previous experience, we planned and created an animation that had a little something for everyone… robots…. horses…. spaceships etc hahaha!

YCM’s Central Elementary August Workshop

Download your work here to keep animating for ‘homework’… the best kind!

YCM’s First Introduction to Student Work:

Jack’s 2010 DemoReel (good for getting jobs):

YCM’s Second Student Work Highlights:

Playable BillyBishop Racing Game: Click to load Jack’s Game (a learner with YCM)

(W A S D for controls!) Using Unity3D and Blender, Jack creatively found a solution to a ‘question based assignment’ he made for his school homework.

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