Welcoming all Creative Learners!

This project, a movement of creative sorts, is in its infancy and will continue to grow through the support of Chilliwack’s Community Schools and  their Digital Natives.  Your Creative Mentor was birthed to help you connect to the flow of creation.  Harnessing the power of digital tools, while connecting to creative energy, the synergy Your Creative Mentor sustains within you helps to bring peace, expression and story to your life!

Currently Fresh:

  • Um… the brand
  • Subscription Services!  (email me or use right side buttons!)
  • Posters / Marketing
  • Student Work Updates
  • Continual Event Updates, Locations etc
  • Mentorship Service.

Expect great things near you (quite literally – in the events section).  Thank you for all your support and patience (and excitement) in this prized project!


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