Summer Points of Clarification!

Tentative Schedules

YCM's still planning dates, so make sure you sign up to let me know you and your learners are interested!  Get your name in today!

At the moment! What I'm hoping to launch is two 5 week sessions at $75, one in July, one in August at 1.5 hours, one day a week. Not sure the day of the week yet for each (maybe more than one depending on class sizes).

Sound good?  Let me know! I’m more than excited about this as well!

Summer Animation Course

As far as the workshops are concerned, we've found 5 sessions at a time builds a nice rounded foundation.  That said, once the little learners start, they can't stop!  We'll be using Blender 3D ( which is an open source downloadable 3D toolset that has everything we could possibly use to get a well rounded introduction to 3D animation, be it for film or video game production! 

5 sessions:

  1. Introduction, UI (user interface) = snowman assignment
  2. Modeling, (making things in 3D) = spaceships, characters, etc
  3. Materials, Lights, Shadows (rendering)
  4. Animation I = project work
  5. Animation II = project work cont'

In the meantime, I'd encourage you and the young learners to check out and get Blender running !  Why wait???

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