Annoucing August Workshop:

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Who, What and Where?

Who’s this???  You may be wondering why you’re getting a newsletter from ‘Your Creative Mentor’.  Well if you know Matthew Vogt, you’re in the know!  This is a new project were I will be teaching young learners, ages 8-18, the fundamentals of 3D Animation, in Chilliwack (initially).   I may have taught your kidlets already, or I’ve done work for you, or you’re just a friendly acquaintance.  I really need to get the word out, especially in Chilliwack.  If you know any parents with kids 8-18 (my target market), please let them know about Your Creative Mentor ! 

What’s it about?  I’ve been teaching 3D graphics in high-school and now at a college level. Time for a slogan.

Digital Arts. Any Level, All Ages – We’re All Creative!

(by Austin, Summer 2010)

There will be more and more community, youth oriented digital art coursework in the Fraser Valley.  The first YCM workshop:

    3D Animation Summer Workshop (August Only)

    5 sessions:       

  • Introduction, UI (user interface) = primitive objects
  • Modeling, (making things in 3D) = spaceships, characters
  • Materials, Lights, Shadows (rendering)
  • Animation I = project work
  • Animation II = project work cont’

(by Linden, 2010)

    OK, Specific Details:

    When: August 3rd – 31st (every Wednesday) at 10 am sharp!
    Where: Central Elementary, Chilliwack
    How Long? Workshops are 1.5 hours
    Price:  $75.00, five workshops, 1.5 hours each!

    I will be requiring payment prior to kick-off.  You can now do so here:

    Until Then?

    In the meantime, I’d encourage you and your young 3D learners to check out and get Blender running !  Why wait! 

    Additionally, we will be launching more coursework at the new Greendale Community school 2nd week of September.

    Thanks everyone! Please spread the word, forward this to your Chilliwack parenting friends x3 !!

    You may also email with any questions or prior help with Blender 3D at:

    Stay Animated,
    Matthew Vogt
    Digital Arts. Any Level, All Ages – We’re All Creative!

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