Your Creative Mentor at Siggraph 2011!

Thanks right folks!  This summer’s been great!  Besides teaching Blender (open source 3D animation software) to kids in Chilliwack (July – Promontory, August – Central Elementary), we were able to visit Siggraph ("Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics").  Siggraph is essentially the worlds biggest traveling expo for computer graphics – games and film and it hit Vancouver this year! Next year it’s in Singapore! 

Your Creative Mentor.  3D animation training for kids - siggraph 2011

Besides hanging with Pixar and all these 3D printers, training institutes etc – we got to hang with the creators of Blender!

Your Creative Mentor Blender Training

I told Ton Roosendaal (head of Blender Foundation, history here) that the kids love Blender 3D.  We talked about the interface, what you little guys are up to and how Blender, being open-source, community driven, is impacting the lives of kids in Chilliwack!  It was a heartwarming experience as well as exciting as the conference focused on the bright future of Blender and how it improves every open-source movie project.  Amazing! Every single person was growing Blender one way or another and it’s uses expands!

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