Workshop: Greendale Elementary!

We’re moving forward! School starts on Tuesday!  3D Animation in Chilliwack – shortly thereafter!

3D animation lessons for kids
(art by Derek, August 2011)

Now Announcing a new workshop in a high quality facility – Greendale Elementary!  Complete with giant computer lecture hall and projection screen!  Woohoo!

  • Ages 8-18
  • $75.00
  • Time:  2:00-3:30 and 3:30-5:00 (2:00 for Greendale students, 3:30 for the rest of Chilliwack!)
  • Every Wednesday for 5 times!  September 21st – October 19th 2011.

3D animation lessons for kids
(Jayden’s cityscape – August 2011)

5 sessions:

  1. Introduction, UI (user interface) = snowman assignment, nav
  2. Modeling, (making things in 3D) = spaceships, characters, etc
  3. Materials, Lights, Shadows (rendering)
  4. Animation I = project work
  5. Animation II = project work cont’

As you’ll see by our student work, we cover the basics and build upon our unique interests as the course ensues.  This allows for return students who wish to further their creative work.  Additionally, since we use Blender 3D, an open-source 3D animation software package, learners will be able to continue their exploration and studies at home for years to come! See you there!

Reserve your seat today! Payment in full is required, you may do so cash, cheque or credit/paypal:
( )

3D animation lessons for kids
(Liam’s monkey head ball simulation – August 2011)

Further Information:

We will also be having workshops in the Fall with Promontory Elem, more at Central’s (Octoberish) and maybe even Cultus.  Details to come!

Thanks everyone!  Hope your long weekend is great and don’t forget your animation survival kits for back to school supplies!

Stay Animated,
Matthew Vogt
(ps: you can reply to this email if you’d like to)
(ps v2: tell a friend about these courses! please forward the emails!)

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